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Usefulness of cytogenetic location
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14 months ago
cdsouthan ♦ 1.8k

We are going through an outlink review at

Hitherto we have manually marked up the cytogenetic locus for human, mouse and rat proteins

Is this information still useful for our database users or superseded by genomic coordinates?

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13 months ago

In my 'humble' opinion, it's rather useless to mention the cytogenetic location and it should be a crime if you don't mention the coordinates along with it... It's probably an artifact of pre-genomic times but people stick to it.

A side effect is that with a cytogenetic location you suggest an uncertainty about the exact location, while coordinates claim more certainty. Saying that a locus is on 12p13.2 kinda looks better than saying that a locus is "approximately somewhere around chr12:54654362-54854362".


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