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find motif enrichment/depletion analysis
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3.9 years ago
mariamari693 • 10

Hi, For the first time I want to do motif analysis. I have a set of differentially ATAC seq from the comparision between one control vs 3 different treatments and I did clustering and I found 5 different clusters. I would like to do a motif search (known motif) and make a heatmap for enriched/depleted motif. I tried MEME suite (Centrimo) and I only copy paste my bed->fa files one by one and got 5 files per each cluster. Tables contain E-value,log_adj_p-value, ... but how can I calculate enriched/depletion. Is there any script/software that can help me Thanks

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Both the E-value and P-value are measures of enrichment in this case. Not sure what kind of heatmap you have in mind


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