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Question: Converting UCSCData Class to GRanges Class
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Dear all,

I have a UCSCData class object and would like to transform it into a Granges object. Is there any easy way of doing that (apart from doing that manually using the GRanges function)?

More specifically, I have a list of ±50K promoter elements from UCSC:

> summary(prom)
  Length    Class     Mode 
   50066 UCSCData       S4 

Many thanks,


ADD COMMENTlink 4.4 years ago Dimitris Polychronopoulos • 0 • updated 4.4 years ago Joseph Pearson • 430
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From a little playing with a UCSCData object I got via rtracklayer, it sure seems that just calling


should give you a set of the GRanges for every promoter. Did that not work for you?

ADD COMMENTlink 4.4 years ago Joseph Pearson • 430
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yes, thanks a lot

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