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ENA/SRA updating frequency.
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15 months ago
gbdias • 80

Hey guys,

I think all short read archives are hosted both on SRA and ENA right? But how often are these databases updated between each other?

Because I can't seem to find in ENA a sequence that it's been already in SRA for at least 15 days. Any ideas why?

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18 months ago
Josh Herr 5.6k
University of Nebraska

They may exchange data (also with DDBJ), but I know not all data is shared between each database (this is personal communication from my collaborator who manages databases at NCBI). Even the new DDBJ update says that not all sequences are shared between databases -- see the update on 09/08/2014 -- "Mirroring has been stopped due to insufficient disk volume". I'm aware of data that has been located on SRA for years without appearing on other databases, notably ENA.

Any reason why this is pertinent -- are you unable to connect to SRA?

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Thanks Josh.

I'm routinely using Galaxy's ability to directly import ENA archives, so thats why I'm interested.
It is certainly feasible to just download/upload many Gbs of files, it isn't very practical however =/

Anyway thanks!


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