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Question: Plot table with all replicates in cuffdiff output with cummeRbund
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Can someone help to do the following from the cummeRbund package:

I only want to plot a simple table by tweaking this command:


Thank you so much

ADD COMMENTlink 6.4 years ago sindrelee • 10 • updated 12 months ago zx8754 7.5k
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expressionPlot is not going to produce a table but a line plot, showing the FPKM value of a gene or a feature for each condition of your analysis. if you're interested in plotting isoforms, your command is correct. what you need to do before this is: reading the cuffdiff results (while in the folder with the cuffData.db file) and get your gene(s) of interest from it (as shown in the example below)


then your command will work

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