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10Kb Reads From Illumina Hiseq
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23 months ago
henryvuong • 750

Hi, I just came across the news that Illumina is preparing 10kb reads on the hiseq in the future.

Quotes: A novel library prep method and analysis algorithm, enabled by the acquisition of Moleculo Inc., will produce synthetic read lengths up to 10 kb at an extremely low error rate (Q50 or better). This advancement allows more comprehensive coverage and accurate genotyping of clinically important genes and new applications such as phased resequencing of human genomes, and rapid de novo sequencing of complex plant and animal genomes.

Does anyone know when it will be available and more importantly, what changes will it make to all the current NGS tools such as alignment, variant calling, etc..? Thanks.

illumina hiseq • 2.9k views
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6.2 years ago
NextGenSeek • 290

here is an update from Illumina at AGBT 2013. Illumina will offer it as a service by this year and as product later.

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3 months ago
University Park, USA

Once long reads become available many of the technologies/approaches that we use today will be rendered both obsolete and will be exposed as being over-simplification.

I think just about every single method that we use will be replaced.

It will be a greatly liberating experience when the large scale faith-based results generated by supposedly "smart" algorithms (maximum parsimony and other optimizations) will become unnecessary - we will actually measure what is there rather than piecing it together in black box fashion.

Long reads will bring about a major shakeup!

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13 months ago
Kevin • 630

The first set of public data is out already. they have 3000 8500bp reads (single end)


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