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Request: in 'vg snarls', include snarl ids in both snarl and traversals files
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8 months ago
egoltsman • 0

Hello vg team, When working with snarls and snarl traversals, it would be tremendously useful to have unique snarl ids included with both. This way one could easily relate them.
On a similar note, when a snarl traversal corresponds to a slice of a path in the graph, it would be great to have that path id printed out as well (perhaps activate this when vg snarls is called with the -e option).

This will help users like me in parsing the structural variation data out of the graph and into a data structure that's easier to annotate and query (I'm afraid to use the term database yet).


vg • 241 views
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p.s. Looking at the .proto file, the Snarl message has a 'name' attribute. This is probably what I'm talking about, but there's no such field in the json output that gets produced by vg view -R. This is what I normally get:

{"directed_acyclic_net_graph": true, "end": {"node_id": "6339"}, "start": {"node_id": "6337"}, "start_end_reachable": true, "type": 1}


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