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NGSadmix segmentation 11 error message
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17 months ago
dazarate • 0

Hello, I'm running into a problem running NGSadmix. I have a beagle genotype likelihood file of 104 individuals. I submit this

./NGSadmix -likes file.beagle.gz -K 4 -P 4 -o output -minMaf 0.08 -minInd 60

I receive an error:

-> Dumping file: peachK4.log
-> Dumping file: peachK4.filter
-> Input: lname=masterbee_snps.beagle.gz nPop=4, fname=(null) qname=(null) outfiles=peachK4
-> Setup: seed=1559236220 nThreads=4 method=1
-> Convergence: maxIter=2000 tol=0.000010 tolLike50=0.100000 dymBound=0
-> Filters: misTol=0.050000 minMaf=0.080000 minLrt=0.000000 minInd=60
-> Segmentation fault: 11

I have successfully run NGSadmix before with another smaller version of this file with no problem. I'm not sure what's going on! Does anyone have an idea?

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