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Job: Research Scientist (computer/bioinformatics emphasis), UTHealth, Houston TX USA
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UTHealth in Houston, Texas has exciting opportunity for (computer/bioinformatics emphasis) Research Scientist

Department: Integrative Biology & Pharmacology
Location: Texas Medical Center
Full Time
FLSA: Exempt


  1. Communicates complex technical issues to experimentalists.
  2. Determines feasibility of possible projects to ensure results addresses the biological question.
  3. Plans and performs quantitative and qualitative research procedures in various areas of biology, chemistry, physics, and other biomedical, dental, or related scientific areas. Identifies the problem through contact with other researchers, practicing physicians, or literature searches. Formulates a problem or project to research. Designs procedures to solve the problem.
  4. Conducts experiments using advanced computational methods.
  5. Develops new software tools and algorithms for bioinformatics as needed.
  6. Communicates results by generating appropriate figures, text, and presentations.
  7. Presents results in a written paper for publication, in a presentation at a meeting, or through personal contact with faculty members and other researchers.
  8. Performs IT and maintenance services as necessary.
  9. Manage administrative issues relevant to analyses, including time tracking and billing.
  10. Supervises staff and students as necessary.
  11. Performs other duties as assigned.


Doctorate Degree.


Two (2) years of experience in a related research environment and have verifiable publications within the field of the research project.

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