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News: Training in Advanced Transcriptomics (RNASeq) Analysis @ NIH, USA
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Hands-on Training in Advanced Transcriptomics (RNASeq) Analysis

June 17-20,2019


National Institutes of Health

9000 Rockville Pike

Building 60, Room 162

Bethesda, MD 20892, USA


Apart from performing the routine differential expression analysis using two different suite oftools, this hands-on training will help participants learn advanced RNA-Seq analysis techniquesand tools for detecting snps, fusion genes, allele specific expressions, circular RNAs,viral/bacterial sequence identification, alternative polyadenylation and transcriptional regulatorynetwork analysis.


  • Participants will work with a Graphic User Interface based Linux Desktop environment in the Amazon Cloud, that is specially configured to run popular open source RNA-Seq analysis tools.
  • Training provided by experienced active NIH researchers
  • Cookbook style bound manual for all exercises.
  • Direct, after training support through exclusive forum membership
  • Continuing Educational Credits

Hands -on skills & Tools Taught

  • Differential expression analysis: New Tuxedo tools
  • Differential expression analysis: Trinity tools
  • Fusion gene analysis : STAR-Fusion
  • SNP detection : GATK
  • Allele specific expression : WASP
  • Circular RNA identification : circexplorer
  • Alternative polyadenylation : DaPars
  • Viral integration : VirusFinder
  • Network analysis : Cytoscape

For more information and registration, please visit the following page; Information and Registration

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