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metavelvet assembly amos file generation for scaffolding
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15 months ago
meta-velvetg /backup/abhilash/velvet/ -ins_length 200 -exp_covs 9_7_5.5_2 -amos_file yes -scaffolding no

[meta-velvetg] Check command line options...
    OK. Your command line options seem to be good.

[meta-velvetg] Load meta-graph ...
[0.000000] Reading read set file /backup/abhilash/velvet//Sequences;
[2.149039] 11464422 sequences found
[11.185651] Done
[21.005417] Reading graph file /backup/abhilash/velvet//Graph2
[21.005446] Graph has 2388291 nodes and 11464422 sequences
[meta-velvetg] Category = 'short1'  Ave. = 200, SD = 20
[meta-velvetg] Category = 'short2'  Ave. = -1, SD = -1
[meta-velvetg] Category = 'long'    Ave. = -1, SD = -1
[meta-velveth] ...done (load meta-graph).

[meta-velvetg] Extract Subgraph ...
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

how to reslove this issue?

best regards

abhilash reddy

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Hi abhilashreddy495

Please read the below post and learn how to post questions on forums like Biostars

How To Ask Good Questions On Technical And Scientific Forums

Also, please use the formatting bar (especially the code option) to present your post better. I've done it for you this time.


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