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Forum: GENEWIZ RNA-seq quality feedback
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Good morning,

We are thinking of sending an RNA-sequencing projet at GENEWIZ. They have amazing ongoing promotions. However, we don't have any background on the quality of the library prep or sequencing reads at this company.

If anyone has sent an RNA-sequencing project to GENEWIZ, I would appreciate if you could share some feedback about the quality of the data you received.

Kind regards,


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Biostars is not really set up for person-to-person communication and people who may have had issues with GeneWiz (I guess that is what you are looking for) may not want to post publicly.

As long as you clearly understand the deliverables and associated timelines you would do ok.

Note: If this query is only about sequencing (and not associated bioinformatics) then it is off-topic and may be closed.

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While I think understanding of wet-lab sequencing protocols can be relevant to Biostars, my main concern is that project leads need to make sure they understand projects thoroughly (and taking the time to understand everything properly / substantially needs to be taken into consideration when defining your total number of projects to work on).

I would also say that it is important to gradually expand your skill sets, and make sure you fully utilize your previous experience. So, I have serious concerns if you are trying to suddenly work with a large number of RNA-Seq samples, if you have no previous experience with coding analysis (preferably using free, publicly available programs) and/or understanding of the all the steps used to prepare samples.

To be clear, I am not saying it is bad to learn more about RNA-Seq analysis if you currently have little or now experience. However, I am saying that you need to gain experience gradually. So, I am a little concerned about your wording to "farmout" the analysis part.

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