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Computer science grad student looking for advice/suggestions for master's thesis.
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14 months ago
ark2 • 0

I'm going to start working on my master's thesis very soon. I have decided to pursue it in the area of computational genomics. Unfortunately, our school doesn't have any faculty specialized in that area. I'm particularly interested in gene discovery(for diseases) using machine learning. I'm not sure if I'm using the right word scientific word for it, but this is what I'm interested in doing: experiment with existing machine learning models which could discover/predict new polygenetic causes for some (or at least one) of the poorly understood diseases. Like for instance, given a data set of fully sequenced DNA data and a disease label, predict which mutations might be potentially causing that disease. I'm planning to start my work by tinkering with a well defined (genetic cause) disease for which DNA datasets are easily accessible, any advice on that would be appreciated. I'm also looking for existing papers/research which has been done in this area. I would really really appreciate if you could suggest any research papers off the top of your mind which I should be looking into.

Thank you!

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IMO that's far too ambitious goal for a Master's thesis


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