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PhD scholarship in Machine Learning for Precision Oncology
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17 months ago

We are looking for a PhD student in Machine Learning for Precision Oncology.

This project will address the question of how to leverage clinical data to improve our ability to predict which cancer patients will respond to a drug treatment. The CONSORE project within IPC has completed the structuration of electronic health records from clinical practice. As a result, we now count with a large volume of structured data from the IPC (currently 258,168 patient records). The successful candidate will investigate and implement predictive models exploiting these data resources. This includes the application of suitable machine learning techniques to reduce the dimensionality of data in building these in silico models. Other project components are mining public and in-house clinical data as well as research on optimal ways to use model predictions to support clinical decision-making and assess uncertainty.

Application details and further information is available at

Thanks in advance for forwarding this email to possible candidates.


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