Question: IGV or IGB
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In the past I used to work with IGB, mainly for DNA-seq. I started working in a new lab, and the genome browser they have been using is IGV. Much of the data viewed in the lab is of RNA-seq and ATAC-seq.

I was wondering if there is any preference to IGV or IGB? I found IGB to be easier to use and visually nicer, so I rather continue using it, unless of course there is some advantage to IGV.

Thanks, Akiva

P.S. i read somewhere that IGV is better for NGS data, is this true? and why?

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I am sure you will find people who strongly feel about one or the other but I don't think there is a clear winner. IGV is probably better funded, promoted and thus used than IGB but that is a non-technical distinction.

It finally is personal preference.

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Both projects are currently funded and actively developed.

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Nowlan Freese
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