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Question: Histogram of p values for all tests
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Hi, I am trying to do differential-gene-expression analysis with DESeq2, for that i have done pseudo-alignment using Salmon , and with tximport, gene-level abundance is calculated. I am following "Analyzing RNA-seq data with DESeq2", tutorial. I got Histogram of p values for all tests.

enter image description here

Please, guide me to interpret this plot. Can I proceed with the data, (for heatmap generation), showing above plot.

Thanks in advance!

ADD COMMENTlink 16 months ago shivyasoni1994 • 0 • updated 15 months ago tw617 • 30
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Correct what? Please specify.

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Start reading this excellent article here :

These two peaks at the right tail are strange. Did you use the nominal pvalue or the corrected one (you should use the nominal for the plot) ?

Otherwise the distribution seems to be anti conservative so it's good 😉

ADD COMMENTlink 15 months ago Nicolas Rosewick 7.7k
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The two main patterns you should look for when interpreting p-value histograms are: a sharp spike near 0 ( like you have here) that drops off into a somewhat uniform distribution. This indicates that you have some significant differences. The other pattern would be a totally uniform (flat) distribution, this indicates no significant difference. Here it looks like you have the first and ideal pattern although those spikes near one are a bit weird. I think they are probably errors/genes with no or little reads that were not filtered out. Usually you should exclude genes with less than 10 total reads.

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