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Question: Visualize B-allele frequency on IGV for 2 samples
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Dear All,

I have a non-standard task - visualize B-allele frequency tracks for 2 samples in 1 track in IGV. It is not difficult to make it for each sample separately using basic IGV format:

#track graphtype=points name="Sample1.igv" color=0,0,255 altColor=255,0,0 maxHeightPixels=80:80:80 viewLimits=-1:1
Chromosome  Start   End Features    values
chr1    2488157 2488157 chr1 2488157    0.4818
chr1    2491207 2491207 chr1 2491207    0.537
chr1    2494787 2494787 chr1 2494787    0.5251
chr1    6257857 6257857 chr1 6257857    0.488
chr1    7434547 7434547 chr1 7434547    0.4077

but, obviously, if I want to visualize the 2nd sample (tumor one) using the same positions and - important - different color - IGV format will not allow to do this. Could you tell me which format is suitable to visualise dots, 2 samples per track (2 dots per one genomice coordinate) and with different colors (blue for healthy, red for tumor)?

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