Question: Seed Region Annotation Database for Human miRNA
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Hi All,

Is there any database or website provided seed region annotation for 1000+ human miNRA?

Thank Genomax's Help! Here is the link:

miRfamily Seed+m8 Species ID    MiRBaseID   Maturesequence  FamilyConservation Accession
let-7/98    GAGGUAG 8364    xtr-let-7a  UGAGGUAGUAGGUUGUAUAGUU  2   MIMAT0003667
let-7/98    GAGGUAG 8364    xtr-let-7b  UGAGGUAGUAGUUUGUGUAGUU  2   MIMAT0003550
let-7/98    GAGGUAG 8364    xtr-let-7c  UGAGGUAGUAGGUUGUAUGGUU  2   MIMAT0003644
let-7/98    GAGGUAG 8364    xtr-let-7e  UGAGGUAGUAGGUUGUUUAGUU  2   MIMAT0003666
let-7/98    GAGGUAG 8364    xtr-let-7f  UGAGGUAGUAGAUUGUAUAGUU  2   MIMAT0003645
let-7/98    GAGGUAG 8364    xtr-let-7g  UGAGGUAGUUGUUUGUACAGU   2   MIMAT0003646
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My answer here: seed sequences of human miRNA

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