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Interpretation of ViralFusionSeq result
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13 months ago
oghzzang • 40

Dear Biostar Users,

I executed ViralFusionSeq using Next Generation RNA-seq for finding Virus-Human Fusion.

But It's interpretation of results were really hard. :(

After Running, I acquired 3 files.

[Run_Id].Csm.out [Run_Id].RPm.out [Run_Id].targeted.assembly.sensitive.contigs

If there is output in targeted.assembly.sensitive.contigs, can I think there is fusion in my sample?

This is paper of viral fusion seq

ViralFusionSeq: accurately discover viral integration events and reconstruct fusion transcripts at single-base resolution, Jing-Woei Li et al.

And can you recommend other virus-human detection tools?



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