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Rstudio like IDE for perl
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11 months ago
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United States

Hi All, I used to write perl codes in padre and xemacs long time back, but then stopped working with perl (preferred R and Python). However, I need to continue working with one perl pipeline and want to go back and refresh my skills on perl. Is there a better IDE (Rstudio like) for perl that I can install on Linux?

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11 months ago
JC 7.9k

I use Perl for many things, but I still just use regular text editors (right now I'm using Atom). The only Perl IDE I remember is ActivePerl.

Or you can use Jupyter and add Perl kernels

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15 months ago
National Centre for Cell Science, Pune

Even there are good perl IDE's like padre. But I am using geany which is basically a light weight IDE for almost every programming language. Also, you can use eclipse and add perl plugin. visual studio code is also good editor.


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