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Advanced R Programming
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10 months ago

Course: Advanced R Programming

Berlin, 25-29 June 2018


VP Nagraj (University of Virginia (USA))


R is a popular open-source statistical computing language. This course will introduce techniques for programming in R, including how to work with a variety of data structures, write functions and package code for distribution. Each lesson will be interactive with hands-on activities to solidify concepts covered in lectures. The week will conclude with a package development practicum, during which attendees will have the opportunity to implement methods covered in class for a project of their own design.

Target Audience

The goal of this course is to provide training on how to start using R as a programming language: to write new functions, develop new tools or, at the very least, interact with data programmatically. While some examples may be drawn from bioinformatics, statistics and / or epidemiology, the material will not focus on data analysis techniques. As such, the course will generally be domain-agnostic. Researchers from a variety of disciplines are welcome. Those interested should have basic familiarity with R or another programming language.


The course material will be delivered over 5 days, in 10 half-day sessions. These lessons will build off of one another, and feature a mix of lecture and in-class exercises.

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