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Difference between affy_hg_u133a and with_affy_hg_u133a
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17 months ago
salamandra • 200

When we look at the filters of ensembl in biomart package in R, it shows two options for the microarray platform hg_u133a:

affy_hg_u133a: Affy hg u133a probeset ID(s) [e.g. 200874_s_at]
with_affy_hg_u133a: with Affymetrix Microarray hg u133a probeset ID(s)

the same happens for other microarrays.

The code to get filters is shown bellow:

ensembl = useMart(biomart ="ENSEMBL_MART_ENSEMBL",dataset="hsapiens_gene_ensembl")
filters = listFilters(ensembl)

Does someone know what is the difference between affy_hg_u133a and with_affy_hg_u133a?

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13 months ago
Mike Smith ♦ 1.2k
EMBL Heidelberg / de.NBI

Just to add to Emily's answer, the way you use these two filters will be quite different.

If you have a list of Affy IDs and want to know what they target, you should use affy_hg_u133a. Alternatively, if you have an existing set of genes or a genomic region, and you want to find the subset of genes that are targeted by the U133A platform, you want to use with_affy_hg_u133a.

This is discussed very briefly in the biomaRt vignette section 7.2 here

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13 months ago

affy_hg_u133a asks you to specify a list of Affy hg 133a probseset IDs. It will find all the genes that match up to those particular IDs.

with_affy_hg_u133a does not need you to specify a list. It will find all genes that happen to have an Affy hg 133a probseset ID that matches up to them.


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