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Ensembl Core DB question (mapping amino acid region to genomic coordinates)
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4.5 years ago
djevrem • 0

I am using the Ensembl Core DB (described in to query it emulating some of the Ensembl REST API functionality. Using the Ensembl protein ID and the amino acid range, as in the example:

will retrieve the mapping of the range 3052..3190 to the genomic coordinates in a JSON response. I am interested how is this implemented in the backend and using the Core DB schema with the three given parameters (ENSP00000439902, 3052,3190) how can I obtain the mapping data by SQL querying and which tables in the schema contain this information.


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The core database schema is here.
I suggest you contact the developers via the helpdesk for questions related to the backend.
In case you also had sequence retrieval in mind: "Also note that direct MySQL queries on the database are not suited to retrieve sequences; to retrieve sequences please use the Perl API."


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