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Exonerate, How To Search A Whole Genome For A Gene, Including Mismatches?
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9.3 years ago
John • 750

I used to be able to do this:

exonerate whole _genome.fa gene_ to_search.fa

And it would return exact matches or close matches and show alignments. I tried this again recently, and it only returns exact matches. Did the syntax change?

Thanks, John

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9.3 years ago

Exonerate still is pretty much the same. But, you're using your whole genome as a query. This is useful only when you have a LOT of thing to search and wants to reduce memory IO. Exonerate always return the best match unless you explicitly specify a "suboptimal threshold" (e. g. using --percent).

Anyway, there's a possibility that your case to be an output artifact related to the geneseed threshold, fixed in the 2.0.0 -> 2.1.0 transition. Just check the changelog at Exonerate's source.

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9.3 years ago
ALchEmiXt ♦ 1.9k

Google returned me the man page here. You can/should specify -q and -t. But why use this tool? When fastas grow big I am almost sure blast+ to tabular output or limiting its output to the number of hits you expect will do a faster multi-thraded job directly on fastas as well.

My 2ct


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