Question: data science courses, offered by John Hopkins University at Coursera
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Hi All,

I am hesitated about taking the data science courses, offered by John Hopkins University at Coursera website ( If I understood well this course allows its participants (if succeeded and if signature track is enabled) to get an official data science certificate.

In fact, I am curious to know if anyone has ever try it? if yes ? any positive or negative comments?

Were these courses sufficient?

Do you think that this certificate would have a value in the science field?

Thank you for your comments,


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I haven't tried these, but Jeff Heaton has written some good reviews:

Initial impressions

Review after three courses

Your question on Quora

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Philipp Bayer
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It seems interesting. Thank you !

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If you are primarily interested in the courses for the sake of learning the material , then they are great -- and also, there's no reason to be hesitant since they are free (right?).

If you are interested in them for the perceived value of the certificate you would get out of it (or the value a potential future employer would give to certificate), then I don't think they have been running long enough to have enough data to answer that question. That having been said, if you can take the courses and then do something cool with the techniques you've learned that you can use to showcase your skills, then I think that would be of greater value to a future employer than a certificate would anyway, so really the "ball is in your court" with respect to how much value you can derive (and demonstrate) from the classes provided.

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