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Set Default Sort Order of Posts?
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24 months ago
pld 4.8k
United States

Is it possible to set the default sort order of threads? I can see the dropdown but when I refresh the page it seems to default to reverting to sorting by update.

In my pre-coffee morning fog, I've necroed a few threads because I miss the date and assume that they're new posts not updates of old posts.

For example:

Strangely, looking at the posts I don't see any that were updated today, so I'm not sure what else constitutes a thread being updated. Maybe new votes or followers?

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3 months ago
University Park, USA

If you reload the page (via browser reload) or navigate via the next/previous links then the sort order will be maintained.

If you click the logo or navigate to a different tab then the sort order will be reset.

"Updated" means that the post has been edited or received an answer. You can tell which took place from the post line, if there are two names listed then you see the person that added the last answer as well. If you see only one name then it is the original author that either modified the post or added an answer.

If you see update by 'Biostar' that means that the post was selected for a "bump" automatically. One post is bumped every six hours. There is a 50% chance of this post to be either a recent (1 month old) unanswered question or a random question from the entire history.

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Yep, I was clicking the logo. Thanks!


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