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News:PrecisionFDA has won a FedHealth IT award!!
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19 months ago

PrecisionFDA, a secure cloud-based collaborative platform for advancing regulatory science of analysis of large biological datasets, has won a 2019 FedHealthIT Innovation award. To learn more about the platform, and how it might support your work, visit:

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19 months ago
@Charles Warden8047

Just to be clear, the link is for the general precisionFDA website (which certainly useful if people want to test the interface).

I believe this is the link for the award announcement:

I found precisonFDA to be useful, but there were some caveats. For example, if you use their main functions for human data, I think you have to use the "1" chromosome nomenclature instead of the "chr1" chromosome nomenclature.

If it helps, I have some pointers (and results of analysis with my own samples) here:


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